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Vid Legradic
Travid Tourism Logistics was established in February 2011. 

I (Vid Legradic) am the owner. Because I am self-employed, this is one employee company. It is fully devoted to offer the last step in the process of the execution of the tourist itinerary (tourist guiding, transfers, ticketing, advisory ...). 

Travid Tourism Logistics cooperates with over 30 agents and tourist agencies from 8 different countries from around the world (USA, Croatia, Cyprus, Great Britain, Taiwan, Austria, and Slovenia).

During the tourist season I hire up to 40 seasonal aka external co-workers, mostly guides and drivers.


TraVid Turistična Organizacija, Vid Legradić s.p.
Zalog pri Cerkljah 113
4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Slovenija - EU

VAT: SI 33723133
- Local guide (Slovenia, Croatia)

- International gude-escort or tour guide

- Regional driver-guide (West Balcan)

- Multinational national driver-guide (European Union)

- Regional Airport Asistance
- Transfers with premium class cars in the region (West Balkan and Central Europe)

- Driver-Guide services (West Balkan and Central Europe + Switzerand)

- Our cars: Mercedez-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-Series

- Minivans and Bus hire
- Mass acquirement of tickets (Slovenia and Croatia)

- Your itinary check

- Advisory on your tour plans

- Connections

- Organized individual tours to Iceland 
Our Vehicles
Transfers and driver-guide services are being executed with:

- Premium sedans and station wagons BMW 5-series and Mercedez Benz E-Class
- Minivans (8 seaters) are ranging from Renault Traffic to premium Mercedez-Benz V-Class.
Travid Tourism Logistics is a fully licensed company, that is solidly standing on the market since 2011. We can legally do transfers and execution of tourist itineraries.
I personally (Vid Legradic) am a state tourist guide, licensed by the Slovenian Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. License no. TV 0799

I (as a driver-guide for up to 8 people) am organizing custom and individual trips to Iceland.
Please contact me, if you want to visit the Land of fire and ice.

Odhod manjše SLOVENSKO GOVOREČE skupine na Islandijo bo v jeseni, predvidoma novembra 2022
Maksimalno število udeležencev je 8, še 3 prosta mesta. 

Za več informacij me prosim kontaktirajte (kontakti form spodaj, ali telefon 031426847)
Want to know more or step in touch with me?

Želite stopiti z menoj v stik? Vesel bom vašega sporočila.

I am open for any cooperation or partnership!
 You can contact me by web form bellow or via email

Tel : +386 31 426 847

Zalog pri Cerkljah 113
4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem  
Slovenia (SI)

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