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Vid legradic
Writer, Tourist Guide and World Traveler

Don't live to exist. Live to experience.
This is my world. A world of travel, mountains, and adventure. 
I am keen to share it through my books and travels and with the people I guide and work with.  

I am inviting you to explore my galleries, stories and to enjoy short movies I took during my expeditions and adventures. I hope, they will never end!

I am open to any collaboration, promotion, and resourcing. Passion, devotion, and beating heart make all of us a successful unity.
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Travel galleries


· Vanuatu · Chile · Iceland · India · Norway · United States of America· Taiwan · Zanzibar · Italy · New Caledonia · Spain · Myanmar · Fiji · Bolivia · France · Seychelles · Croatia · Peru ·Vietnam · New Zealand ·
Mountain galleries


· Kamnik (my home-doorstep) Alps · Julian Alps · Austrian Alps · Italian Alps · Swiss Alps · Borneo Kinabalu · Peruvian Andees · Texas USA · West Norway ·

Videos and Films - Travel
For different promotions, web pages and for advertizing of my books, I am creating a various short movies and clips from my travels

Other passions
You will find my name on many other topics on the internet. 

- I am a dog lover. I am a proud owner of pure-blooded Bordercolie, a beautiful chocolate-white male that I named 'Zep' or 'Szep'. Zep was born in 2020 and he comes from Hungary, from REAL PEARL KENNEL, famous for the beautiful exhibition lines of this dog breed. Zep's full name is 'Just a Dream at Real Pearl' and since 2021 he's got all necessary papers to create a new generation of puppies and champions. 
Zep's instagram: Zep_thedog
Contact me, if you are interested for breeding.

- I am AFOL, an adult fan of LEGO© bricks. I created many lego creations and I am a member of Lego club Slovenia.
- I am a hobby photographer. I mostly enjoy photographing nature. Sometimes I am attending photography competitions.

- I am a music and car lover. Black metal is my genere of choice. Once I even had a metal band.

Videos and Films - Mountains
For different promotions, web pages and for advertizing of my books, I am creating a various short movies from my adventures in the mountains.
Want to know more or step in touch with me?

Želite stopiti z menoj v stik? Vesel bom vašega sporočila.

I am open for any cooperation or partnership!
 You can contact me by web form bellow or via email

Tel : +386 31 426 847

Zalog pri Cerkljah 113
4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Slovenia (SI)

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