travid: behind the nine stars
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Sci-Fi novel, published by Europe Books London
An unconventional Science-Fiction novel that took over the world. 

Travid: Behind the Nine Stars is a book full of action and mystery framed in 
distant landscapes populated by unlikely characters. An imaginary world created in the smallest 
detail that owes much of its creation to the many journeys that have punctuated the author’s life, 
and that functions as the perfect gateway from the oppressing everyday reality

Travid Urs
The main protagonist of the story. Space tourist guide, spaceship pilot, freelancer, and adventurer. Travid is a human from Earth. He is a self-confidant nature lover.
Mordrake is a two-faced humanoid ant from planet Insec. He has telepathic abilities, strong moral awareness and he loves to cook.
Elara Kohn
Travid's best friend and daughter of Janus Kohn, one of the biggest politicians of the Space Union. She is the voice of reason and Travid's counterweight.
Travid Urs is 35 year old freelancer tourist guide from planet Earth. With the Silver Beast, his 
petite spaceship where he lives, he travels the wast territories of the Space Union, the community of 1985 planets. On different locations he works as a local guide, escort and 
professional driver. One day he accepts a driver-guide tour with the rather special VIP guest; controversial Minister for technology of the Space Union. Due to the forthcoming elections and relative political instability of the Union, his tour quickly turns into a mess. After couple of relatively normal days with the minister pass, Travid suddenly finds himself in a storm of the desperate twists of the political intrigues, fake identities and secret plans for the destabilization of the Universe. While fighting for his life, he meets the minister's family and 
together with them decides to change the course of his plans.

 FOR THE ITALIAN TV (in English)
Symbolism of the story
The story is written artistically and symbolically. In the story, you won't find any of the classic sci-fi story elements, like hatred, revenge, or love.

The book promotes the friendship, truth, and self-confidence of an average person.

Symbolism incorporates political, ecological, scientific, and psychological themes. In the book, you will meet two-faced humanoid ant Mordrake, you will travel through industrial polluted planets, and learn about disappearing glowing glaciers.
About Author
Vid Legradic is a 36-year-old freelance writer from Slovenia. After his master’s degree in Political Science, he decided to devote his life to travel, a passion which he was soon lucky to call his job. He worked for ten years as an international and local tour guide and managed to translate his 
experiences into words for travel magazines. This event encouraged him to write and publish his personal traveling adventures. From this turning point two novels were born: “Story about my travel” (2019) written in his mother tongue, and the recent “Travid: Behind the Nine Stars” (2021) 
written in English, in which he explores for the first time the fascinating world of Science Fiction.
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